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IMGP9137 zabriskie B

The badlands of Zabriskie Point, Death Valley National Park, CA.

IMGP9122-123 zabriskie point B(Click here to enlarge – Klikkaa tästä suuremmaksi.)

I had seen photos of this place before but nevertheless I had not quite prepared myself for such a stunning display of colors everywhere.

IMGP9118-120 zabriskie point B
(Click here to enlarge – Klikkaa tästä suuremmaksi.)

Not just reds and yellows and other earth tones but furher out there were also pinks greens and purples, anything imaginable.

IMGP9138 zabriskie B

My only regret was that I could only watch this from the viewpoint and that there was no time to go out among these ridges and canyons –

IMGP9135 B

– for I might have decided to stay, never come out and never be seen again…

IMGP9132 B

Ice cream earth (the colors reminded me of the ’Trio’ ice cream we used to have when I was a kid).

IMGP9125 B

IMGP9124 B

Like a fossilized backbone of some ancient monster… (The black is actually lava flow on top of light yellow silt deposits.)

IMGP9129 B

Desert wash.